Performing Arts Education in Mamaroneck, NY

Artistree Performing Arts is a performing arts studio offering classes​ in acting, singing, dance, music and film ​for students ages 3 to 18 years old. Located in Mamaroneck, New York​, the focus of Artistree’s instruction is to enhance the techniques required in all disciplines of theater and the arts. We strive to foster a community where students can build their confidence and establish friendships in a supportive, fun, and nurturing environment. Aside from classes, our offerings include day camps​ and more.

Happy Parents

"You guys are truly incredible. Thank you for being by far the brightest spot in the darkest time. I am speechless and eternally grateful. "

"Congratulations on an amazing Heathers performance! You and Peter, as well as the entire cast and crew were truly awesome!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Kate, and all of your students, an experience they will always cherish! You and Peter stepped up big time! Your creativity, patience, time and passion are to be admired and appreciated! We love everything Artistree!!"

"I am so impressed that you were able to pull this together. Most of all, I am incredibly proud of every one of these kids. They totally killed it!! This is such a difficult time for our kids and I am so delighted to have Artistree to remind us that special memories can be made in the most challenging of times. Thank you so much!"

"Again, I just can’t thank you enough for putting your all into everything. You are truly incredible. You don’t see it from “this side” Heather, but wow...your love for this, the genuine dedication to our kids...your perseverance, it’s all shining through. Julian is having a blast"

"There is no greater joy in my daughter's day, than a day when she knows she is going to Artistree.  From semester-long productions to singing lessons, mini-mesters to day camps, there is nowhere else she would rather be.  Simply said, Artistree is my daughter's happy place."

Jennifer Cukier
Abbe Goldstein
Jane Sobolewski
Rosie Smith