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  • Heather Capelle Heather Capelle Owner/Artistic Director
  • Peter Capelle Peter Capelle Owner/Director of Music
  • Devon Goffman Devon Goffman Teacher/Guitarist/Musical Director
  • Jeanette Haviland Jeanette Haviland Manager/Teacher/Events Coordinator
  • Bekah Gudim Bekah Gudim Teacher/Choreographer
  • David Grice David Grice Teacher/Director
  • Samantha Joy Pearlman Samantha Joy Pearlman Teacher/Choreographer/Vocal Instructor
  • John Treacy Egan John Treacy Egan Teacher/Director
  • Kathryn Krull Kathryn Krull Musical Director
  • Ryan Kessler Ryan Kessler Film and On-Camera Teacher/Director
  • Charlie Stevens Charlie Stevens Teacher/Filmmaker/Musical Director
  • Lynn Glener Lynn Glener Teacher
  • Tara Tagliaferro Tara Tagliaferro Teacher/Choreographer
  • Michael Mastroianni Michael Mastroianni Musical Director
  • Sebastien Fuega Sebastien Fuega Teacher/Guitarist